About the RollApps Mainnet Submissions category

This sub-category is designed for creators within the Dymension ecosystem to submit their RollApps as candidates for mainnet launch for governance approval.

RollApps Mainnet Submissions is specifically for projects ready to make the leap to the Dymension mainnet. It serves as a centralized hub for showcasing potential mainnet candidates, facilitating community feedback, and undergoing the governance review process.

Submission Template:
To ensure consistency and comprehensive review, all submissions are encouraged to follow a submission template. This template is designed to capture essential information about your RollApp and can include:

  • Project Overview: Briefly describe your RollApp, including its intended purpose and target users.
  • Technical Architecture: Outline your project’s technical framework, including any innovative features and how it integrates with the Dymension ecosystem.
  • Economic Model (Tokenomics): Provide an in-depth analysis of your project’s economic structure, detailing token distribution, utility, incentives, and any mechanisms designed to ensure long-term viability.
  • Team and Advisors: Introduce your core team and advisors, highlighting their expertise and previous contributions to the blockchain or relevant sectors.
  • Partnerships and Investors: List any strategic partnerships or investors supporting your project, emphasizing how these relationships contribute to your RollApp’s success.
  • Timeline and Milestones: Outline the projected timeline for your RollApp’s development and launch phases, including key milestones and any already achieved progress.
  • Contribution to the Dymension Ecosystem: Explain how your RollApp enriches the Dymension ecosystem, whether through innovation, solving existing challenges, or enhancing user experience.

Making Greatness Happen:

Your contributions and engagement here are crucial steps toward decentralizing and enriching the Dymension ecosystem. Through collective effort and collaboration we’ll drive innovation and value across our network.

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