About the Community Huddle category

Connect with the global Dymension community to discuss, collaborate, and engage.

The Dymension Community category is dedicated to bringing together enthusiasts, developers, and users interested in the Dymension network and its ecosystem of RollApps. This category aims to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where community members can share ideas, resources, and experiences related to the Dymension network. It also serves as a platform to discuss community initiatives, grants, and international partnerships that drive growth and innovation within the ecosystem.

While other categories within our discourse forum may focus on specific technical aspects or applications of Dymension and RollApps, the Dymension Community category emphasizes the broader social and collaborative aspects of the network. This category is designed to nurture a strong, interconnected community that actively participates in shaping the future of the Dymension ecosystem.

Topics in this category should revolve around community-related aspects of Dymension such as:

  1. Community-driven initiatives and projects
  2. Grant opportunities and funding resources
  3. International partnerships and collaborations
  4. Local events, meetups, and workshops
  5. Community support and resources for new users or developers
  6. Success stories and case studies showcasing community impact
  7. Strategies for growing and strengthening the Dymension community