Keep Dymension clean and professional

Hello together

When I was looking through the documentation I came across twitter links that refer to suspended accounts.

Scroll down to international and then under spain and ukraine

Do you think these accounts will be unblocked?

If not, we should probably remove them because it doesn’t make a good impression.

If you find other such things, please share them here so we can help keep dymension clean.



Sounds good, I think participating more in depth on dym would yield a nice return for everyone.
Might jump in and look through it as well, thanks for pointing that out!

Did you already propose a change addressing this issue on github?


I have proposed the change this evening, now the change has to be accepted.


We are currently proceeding with the process of unblocking these accounts, it is a matter of Twitter and their new policy of blocking suspicious accounts without justification, we hope to have a solution to this soon.


@santosdios Are there any notifications for blocked accounts?

@Telijalad Is there any documentation for blocked accounts?

Blocking unnecessary and dangerous accounts will be a great advantage for the community . If notifications regarding this are published, we may have taken initial measures.



we have a new Twitter account in Spanish, as the process of unlocking the previous account is being very painful, with this new paid account I think we will not have more problems, … we have just made the PR to the github to update it


I don’t know exactly what you mean, I don’t know of any such documentation.

I agree that it would be good if we notify each other when there are scam or potentially dangerous sites.


I think it’s simple… the twitter account has been replaced… there is no threat or potentially dangerous site, it’s just the dymension account in Spanish…


I agree! I love this forum too!


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