Deep EVM integration

Hi all, I’d like to invite the technically experienced part of the community to discuss a problem I voiced to the DeBank team.
I’ve made some suggestions for integrating different types of Dymension transactions into DeBank EVM portfolio and Rabby EVM wallet. The dev team sent me the following response:

“We have only integrated the EVM chain, and the staking function is on the Native chain (like Cosmos), so we cannot obtain the results and cannot integrate it.”

After discussing my idea again with the dev team, they confirmed that they can’t read transaction type information from Dymension EVM explorer, so they can’t display tokens that are delegated to the validator and passed to staking, and they can’t display transactions with different types, including stake, gov vote re-delegate etc.

The Dymension team in the discord also confirmed the existence of this kind of difficulty in transferring information to the EVM chain. One of the moderators suggested me to create a topic on the forum, and here I am.

I’d like to thank Yishay for participating in the discord discussion and hope to hear your ideas. Perhaps discussing this problem here will help find a solution and thus integrate Dymension (and possibly future rollapps) into the EVM infrastructure, thus opening up huge new opportunities (including financial) for this blockchain.


Hey @sdbs
thank you again for the valuable input.

We’re highly prioritizing fluent EVM support as we understand the importance of UX and EVM user tooling which increases user confidence in the Dymension protocol.

The following PR is a great step forward towards accomplishing this:

With the upcoming upgrade to the 2D codebase and thanks to the valuable contribution of Victor (co founder of, we will support virtual ERC-20 representation of IBC tokens, a novel feature. This means you will be able to see all non-DYM tokens as if they are ERC-20 tokens while they retain their IBC capability (previous implementation was either ibc or erc). This is a first step towards many other “evm virtualization” of various native aspects of the cosmos sdk which will enable simple usage and representation on the evm tooling realms.

Cosmos underlying core tech is superior.
EVM UX and tooling is widespread, easy and standardized.
We’re working on connecting both seamlessly while retaining the best of both worlds.