Help solana claimoors

My solana wallet was eligible. I claimed with my METAMASK wallet and you gave me an ox address.

Mainnet is here and I can’t find any tokens on my claim address.

My assetdash dashboard still shows the 181DyM but I can’t redeem.


Same problem please help us


Your tokens were dropped to the Dymension network, and are not on the default Ethereum main net (that metamask uses).

You will need to connect to the Dymension network in metamask - the easiest way to do that is to visit this list of EVM networks - Dymension RPC and Chain settings | ChainList and add Dymension settings to Metamask. This can be done with a couple of clicks, but if you’d prefer you can also add them manually (see metamask docs for how to add custom networks).

Once that is done you can stake your $DYM here by finding a validator (I suggest the Pudgy Asia one) and then clicking the stake button on the side to start collecting staking rewards - Dymension Portal App


How can claim this ? I try to use metamask solflare but not success.

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And also my problem is that that ox isn’t my METAMASK address. My metamask address I claimed with is 0x152280a1bcB35CB67981eCb3bF5De9ef48304143

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I’ve added DYM network on MM and I can’t see any token dropped. It’s exasperating.

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Dear Dimension Team, i am having the same problem. I claimed the dymension airdrop under atom and osmosis staking, i supplied my metamax wallet but no token was sent to me. Please look into this anormally

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In my case , i’m not have see airdrop amount (zero) . But in asset dash is clear post i’m eligible and have token allocation . When re-distribution i’m have try follow up my case to team but till now not have any solve problem answer.
Please help me how and what can i do ? When going airdrop and re-distribution i’m know team super busy so i’m choise to keep my problem ,

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how to post?
twenty characters? i did some tutorial thing and somehow I still cant post this is confusing AF

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