Proposal for a More Inclusive Reward System for Froopyland Incentivized Testnet

In the scope of the Froopyland Incentivized Testnet, you had announced to award the best RollApps as described in “Froopyland Incentivized Testnet. Prepare to embark on an… | by Dymension | Medium”. Have you conducted a ranking for the RollApps developed for the Dymension Froopyland Incentivized Testnet?

Many testnet participants, including myself, have designed RollApps for this purpose. We have made consistent updates and improvements to our projects, designed numerous new smart contracts, distributed them, set up faucets for our testnet network, created explorers, and had hundreds or thousands of testnet users test them. Sometimes, we even went through so many stress tests that our nodes crashed (I personally had to set up new nodes four times). However, we received the same reward as those who set up Rollapp Nodes with just 3 commands. Considering that our score may have even decreased when setting up new nodes again, we may have received even less. I believe that such efforts should have a reward.

To clarify the proposed distribution of rewards for the top 50 RollApps in the Froopyland Incentivized Testnet, the rewards will be divided into four tiers as follows:

Tier 1: The top 3 RollApps will each receive an equal share of 75,000 DYM.
Tier 2: RollApps ranked 4th, 5th, and 6th will each receive an equal share of 50,000 DYM.
Tier 3: RollApps ranked 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th will each receive an equal share of 25,000 DYM.
Tier 4: The remaining 40 performers will each receive an equal share of 10,625 DYM.


There’s no point in being greedy. :-1:


There was a process in which it was announced that there would be a reward for those who developed a rollapp, and there were people who spent time and effort for it. There is nothing as normal as expecting to be expect rewards for this. The amounts requested in the offer made are much less than those mentioned in the original announcement, so this is the expectation of the return of effort rather than greed. The amounts can be discussed, but it would be a mistake to consider this as greed.


During the testnet process, many times there were posts about the rewards[1][2][3][4][5], and at the end of the day, normally the winners should have been determined when the mainnet started, but 2 months after the mainnet, despite all the developments, there was no information about this. During the process, many people spent their time with the motivation of the specified reward and tried to produce quality work. Even people who hardly know how to code tried to do something. So I think this proposal should not be ignored in terms of getting the right for the time and effort people spend.