[RollApp Submission] Introducing Aigisos RollApp, a security oriented blockchain with a novel consensus algorithm on Dymension

Project name


Project description

We built Aigisos over the last 3 years with focus on security taking cues from our previous knowledge of building blockchain applications which had a combined market valuation of $100 million. As the current blockchain sphere is plagued with hacks and thefts of user funds, we wanted to create a blockchain where security is in forefront and pushes the boundary of security by adding more security parameters and higher threshold for honest node verification. For Aigisos to launch as a Dymension RollApp is perfect fit for us to bootstrap and bring our product to the world to such a vibrant and thriving community. Our Dymension RollApp will have its own ecosystem built under it starting with 3 to 5 Dapps under our Aigisos RollApp blockchain. We will keep increasing the Dapps natively as well as community built as we gain traction. Then the Aigisos RollApp will also have a bridge to the Aigisos security chain which will run with our own novel algorithm RSBFT (Robust and Secure Byzantine Fault Tolerant algorithm).

Products that are to be launched:

Aigisos RollApp

3 to 5 native Dapps in our Aigisos RollApp

We recently got sponsored by Microsoft for our startup with funding of $300,000 and this includes resources such as their computing and also $25,000 in AI credits to use OpenAi and several other AI services which we can leverage to use under our Dapp launches and harness the power of AI and Machine learning and large language models for big data sets. Our company is legally registered in the UK as AIG Labs limited.

Previous projects created by us include Autonio ($65 million, handed over the project to other team members and left for other ventures in 2019) UbuckPay ($25 million , it was sold to a Canadian publicly trading company litelink) IDO Launchpad (we helped people raise $100,000 through us) High frequency algorithmic market makers for DEX and CEXes.

I was also an official RollApp for Dymension and extremely happy to be part of the Dymension family.

Aigisos RollApp Genesis Drop and More:

As the project gets traction we will gradually release ecosystem projects and airdrops. DYM stakers are expected the Aigisos RollApp airdrop of AIG and the airdrops for native dapps launching under it which will launch gradually as our project gains traction. We will also setup grants to encourage other developers to build on Aigisos which is powered by Dymension and airdrop their launches to DYM stakers.

Rolling Airdrops for genesis and follow up native projects:

We are not giving 1 airdrop but total of 5 airdrops to DYM stakers in the form of Rolling Airdrop. Total of 5 airdrops from Aigisos and initial native project ecosystem.

Our goal with the novel consensus algorithm of RSBFT and Aigisos to make the blockchain sphere more secure with focus on greater security for the blockchain as well as the Dapps and we want our Dymension community to be a part of it and come with us in this wonderful journey.

Team intro

Our core team is made of me Bensam Packiaraj and my partner Jerome Thomas. I first got involved in crypto 11 years back in 2013 and in it ever since. Created several crypto projects and built on many blockchains such as Ethereum, Waves, BTS, EOS, BSC, OKXchain and many more. It is a dream for me to start my own blockchain and Dymension has made it come true through their innovative technology and our exsisting work can be built on it. We are excited for the birth of our Aigisos RollApp.

My partner Jerome Thomas has worked most of his life as a senior developer and team leader for Fortune 500 software companies. He got involved in 2022 after me briefing about blockchain and he has tirelessly worked to make Aigisos a reality.

We are also thankful to our support staffs who help move the wheels.

Project details

  • High level tokenomics:

Total supply will be 1 billion AIG and 12% will be allocated as initial Aigisos Genesis RollDrop.

  • Is there a native token?

AIG will be the native token of Aigisos blockchain

  • Is staking the RollApp token enabled?

Yes, staking of AIG will be enabled.

  • What is the token used for?

AIG will be used as Gas fee for Aigisos RollApp and its ecosystem Dapps.

  • What rewards will users get?

12% of AIG supply will be initially airdropped to DYM stakers as Genesis RollDrop. There will be much more allocation for DYM stakers which will be gradually released in the future.

  • Token distribution :

AIG tokens will be distributed during the mining of the Aigisos genesis block

  • Which assets will be beneficial to bridge?

For the AIG coin we believe the most useful would be DYM, TIA, USD and other cosmos ecosystem coins.


Aigisos RollApp Launch (As soon as Dymension network is upgraded to enable RollApp deployment to mainnet, Aigisos mainnet will go live)

AIG Genesis RollDrop for DYM stakers (Immediately accessible at the genesis block of Aigisos mainnet)

3 to 5 native Dapps built supported by AI from our sponsors Microsoft and OpenAI (Q2 2024)

Further ecosystem grant setup to encourange developers to build on Aigisos and airdrop to AIG and DYM stakers (Q3 2024)

Partnerships with other fellow Dymension RollApps for synergic growth (Q3 2024)

Aigisos security chain launch with our novel RSBFT algorithm. (Q4 2024)

Aigisos security chain feature improvement (2025)

Social media

Official website: https://aigisos.com

Our Github: GitHub - JResearchLabs/aigisos

Discord: Aigisos

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @aigisos

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aigisos

My linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bensam-packiaraj/

Aigisos pitch deck presentation: Aigisos Pitch Deck.pdf - Google Drive

Aigisos security chain litepaper: Litepaper.pdf - Google Drive

Aigisos RSBFT algorithm working video: Watch Aigisos | Streamable

Some images of previous products I had created:


Really digging what you’re doing with Aigisos—focusing on security is key, and you guys are nailing it. Launching on Dymension is a smart choice too - That’s a huge vote of confidence. and big ups for getting that Microsoft backing, too. Shows you’re on the right track.

Your game plan with the tokenomics and the way you’re rolling out the Dapps is clear and thoughtful. Plus, the community engagement with grants and airdrops is a nice touch (5 airdrops??? sheesh).


Thank you for the detailed introduction of the project and the team. Could you please elaborate on 3-5 RollApps that are planning to launch on Aigisos ?


Thank you Karan. With the help of Microsoft backing and AI benefits they have given us, we plan to crossover decentralized technology with traditional AI components harnessing its capacity. These are the 5 Dapps that are planned and they may be modified in the future.

  • AI based trading dapp

  • Fundraising platform

  • DEX

  • Memecoin with utility and AI infused

  • A decentralized social media dapp with AI features


memecoins should have no utility


Good point. Some memecoins like Shiba inu have a dex and metaverse marketplace. We could take inspiration and give more value to the memecoin.


Looking forward to those application built on Dymension.


Look good! Looking forward to see on chain


Amazing! Looking forward to see you on mainet!


Congratulations on being the second RollApp proposed on the Dymension mainnet.

Aigisos shows great promise, and we value the comprehensive information provided in this submission. I believe the community is super excited about this.

I do have one question. How do you perceive Aigisos RollApp in terms of its product-market fit within the broader crypto ecosystem?


Good question. Raising the security standards in the broader crypto ecosystem is a must and we are working to make this happen quicker with Aigisos and our novel RSBFT consensus algorithm. Security and peace of mind go hand in hand and with the help of Dymension to bootstrap RollApps and the added security focused ecosystem of Aigisos, we see a large ecosystem getting covered and adding value to users and broader ecosystem in general.


Looks like a solid plan!


Congratulations on the Microsoft sponsorship!
Looking forward to what you guys will be building on Dymension and I hope I can support you along the way :smile:


Congrats on the sponsorship and joining the Dymension RollApps list! Looking forward to all the developments!


tbh this reads like a low effort scam that is just aiming to snag DYM incentives / rollapp stream budget allo by promising an airdrop & vomiting a bunch of buzzwords like “AI”, “machine learning”, “sponsored by Microsoft / OpenAI” etc. on the forum.

Please try to see beyond airdrop promises and apply strict scrutiny to projects seeking DYM incentives. Let’s learn from Osmosis’ early mistakes.


Whatever we have said is neither a scam nor a lie. You can feel free to reach out to Microsoft and ask for their partnership with AIG Labs Limited. Microsoft has given us access to their AI tech as well as computing resources as a partner. We were selected by Microsoft under their Microsoft for Startup program on November 13, 2023. Please do not make such baseless accusations. Thank you.


A public announcement about our partnership and sponsorship of Microsoft was due since the last 3 months. We just announced it on twitter. One important thing is that Microsoft does not get any equity in Aigisos but all they had requested us for us to share their partnership and what they do for us to the world. Only because of Microsoft we were able to build production version of Aigisos secure chain which had lot of server and development cost all borne by Microsoft. We are extremely grateful for the support of Microsoft and Dymension.



Can’t wait for these first RollApps to hit Dymension. Keep up the good work!


AIG will be so big, the tech and use case is amazing


I’m curious about your RSBFT algorithm and i look forward to any explanations about it.