[RollApp Submission][Prop # 13] Introducing NIM Network The First RollApp On Dymension

Building The Ultimate Environment For AI Games

The NIM RollApp will combine the latest in blockchain technology with gaming fundamentals to create experiences that are both crypto-native and fun. NIM will be the first RollApp powered by Dymension with Celestia DA technology underneath and based on EVM. The $NIM token will be the native token of the RollApp, used for transaction fees and staking with $DYM, $USDT and $USDC used for applications as well.

Who We Are

NIM is the result of a three-year journey by our team into the realms of gaming and deep-tech cryptography. The goal has always been to create unprecedented onchain experiences by experimenting with the most cutting-edge technologies. In the process, we invested in and incubated dozens of projects, grew a portfolio to over $50 million, and developed an early gaming ecosystem.

We have come to realize that Web3 gaming is stuck in two failure modes. One where onchain elements are superficial resulting in games that neither leverage the full power of blockchains nor are competitive with Web2 counterparts in the same genre. Another is crypto-native games that fall short of their promise because existing infrastructure cannot support their ambitious visions.

Our Vision

NIM will combine the latest in blockchain technology with gaming fundamentals to create experiences that are both crypto-native and fun. Imagine titles that take full advantage of the industry’s deep understanding of what makes games work, supercharged with digital ownership and incentive alignment that are only possible in Web3. We are starting with project REDACTED, a culmination of two years of R&D focused on AI agents and advanced crypto infrastructure.

NIM will be the first RollApp on Dymension, powered by Celestia DA technology and based on EVM. The $NIM token will be the native token of the RollApp, used for transaction fees and staking. Token emissions, gas fees, and other token distributions will be divided among stakers/community members and community pools, with the majority of the distributions going to the former. In addition to the $NIM token, we expect to use major cryptoassets such as $DYM, $USDT and $USDC for our games.

$NIM Tokenomics

Category Description % Unlock Schedule
Public Allocation Genesis Rolldrop 9% Fully unlocked at Genesis
Ecosystem and R&D Allocated to the Foundation for growing the ecosystem and R&D while ensuring long-term interests, AMM and CEX Incentives 41% 33% available immediately, remaining vests linearly over 3 years
Grant Pool (DAO) Community treasury of the NIM chain for growth, grants, incentives, investments 10% Available to governance at Genesis (non-circulating)
Backers Reserved for partners who provided funding and support 19% 1-year cliff, followed by 1/3 unlocked and 2/3 with 24-month linear vesting
Token sale Funds reserved for future token sales 13% - 25% available each epoch - 1-year cliff, followed by 1/3 unlocked and 2/3 with 24-month linear vesting
Core Contributing Team Reserved for the early contributing team for past and future contributions 8% 1-year cliff, followed by 1/3 unlocked and 2/3 with 24-month linear vesting

We will release the final and full details in the upcoming weeks.

What should you expect from NIM?

With the launch of NIM, we’re introducing several initiatives to enhance communication and synergy between games and key infrastructure. This will unlock a new era of gaming that allows builders to experiment with incentives, user experience, and novel technologies in an unbounded way. We’re building the AI Gaming Coalition, a group of applications and infrastructure providers designed to unlock AI gaming at scale.

Phase 1: Creating the Best Infrastructure

NIM will form a coalition of leading projects, including games, supported apps, infrastructure, and tools. The goal is to unify components across the modular stack into a unique onchain experience, customizing native capabilities and establishing initial governance.

Phase 2: Evolving and Iterating to Build Unified Applications

Creating the ideal UX playground is just the start. It lays the foundation for a new generation of applications built on an evolving base layer, with a focus on gaming applications.

Phase 3: Unveiling the NIM Flywheel

NIM aims to establish an innovative, evolving chain mechanism. All participants, including stakers, governors, and partners, will be part of an economic loop, strengthening native capabilities for new applications. These applications will generate fees to fund more applications and reward community members, creating a compound effect - the NIM flywheel.

How do I get involved?

Follow us on X @nim_network to get the latest on NIM’s partnership, launch timing and token details.


1 - How does the project plan to simplify the user experience to attract gamers who might be less familiar with blockchain technology?

2 - The technical challenges of implementing these in a gaming context, especially regarding transaction speeds, costs, and cross-chain interoperability, are non-trivial. How will the project tackle these challenges to ensure a seamless gaming experience?

3 - Creating a sustainable economy within a game requires careful planning to avoid inflation and ensure long-term value for token holders. Can you elaborate on the mechanisms in place to maintain $NIM’s value over time?

I read the project and liked it very much, I congratulate you. I wanted to write down the questions that come to my mind. I apologize if I misunderstood anything, please correct me.


First of all, congratulations.
I would like to ask a few questions about the summary you published.

  1. I couldn’t find a more explanatory whitepaper or doc page for token economics and details. Is there any chance to add such links?

  2. All games developed on WEB3 are not sustainable in the long term due to inflation and poor planning of in-game trade. What kind of measures are you planning to take?

  3. What kind of incentive program do you plan to launch for games developed on your network?


It sounds interesting, but I’d like to see your game trailer. The most important aspect of a game project is the game itself to be fair.


Congrats on being the first RollApp to launch on the Dymension mainnet! Looking forward to all the developments with NIM <3


A very warm congratulation on being the First RollApp on Dymension. I think the community is very excited about this opportunity for NIM. That’s probably an understatement.

I do have a few questions regarding the provided information on Tokenomics.

  1. Has the process for accepting Backers been concluded?

  2. Between Token sale and Public Allocation, the math comes to just 22% that would essentially go to the community. What is the logic on this? Why not have a higher distribution to the community?

  3. How big is the Core Team? How many members?

Once again, congratulations on this selection as the First RollApp on Dymension!


Ah so you’re a gaming ecosystem with dozens of projects, not a game. So we’ll expect to play different games in the Nim Network ecosystem? Using $NIM? Nice. I think that’s gonna be awesome.

What do you mean by “grew a portfolio to over $50 million”? Kinda unclear. Will this portfolio be used/distributed in the ecosystem or is this just vanity metrics?


Nice, congrats :tada: This project will start modular future :sunglasses:


Congratulations on being selected as the first RollApp to launch on Dymension! :tada:

I have a few questions from the perspective of a game developer that wants to build in the NIM ecosystem .

  1. Let’s say hypothetically, I am a game developer and never came in contact with web3 and NIM, will there be tools and ressources for me to more easily get into this field and (hopefully) build my first title?

  2. Are you guys planning to release support for multiple game engines like unreal, godot, unity, etc. at launch or focus at one first and then gradually add more?

  3. Will there also be incentives to get developers into the ecosystem that are not directly a part of NIM?

Looking forward to hear back from you, other than that NIM sounds amazing and I want to be a part of it day 1!


Amazing work guys - it’s great to be a pioneer in the space. Looking forward to trying out all your dApps on the rollup when the time comes!!


I’ve been watching the crypto/gaming space for several years now and excited to see this development. It’s a big challenge but I think where the future is heading.

A few questions:

  1. Will NIM Network be aimed at larger studios or indie devs or somewhere in between?
  2. Which game engines will have initial support?
  3. Will transaction fees be pegged to a stable coin or other consistent denomination or will it fluctuate with $NIM?
  4. What is meant by AI gaming? Is this giving devs a head start in developing in game assets and resources or is it something bigger?

Very excited at what will be happening in the future.


Great stuff. We are eagerly waiting more information to be shared in coming weeks including discord server / telegram chat details so our community can join in.


Amazing guys! Continue with good job :clap:


This looks amazing! Bullish NIM and DYM!


I’m really new to this whole RollApp thing, but it seems like a great way to engage with a community and smoothen the way towards new deployments. Looking forwards to interacting with the first ones out there <3


Nice project, I wish you success in your work.


Instructions for checking wallet in Genesis Drop NIM. Please follow:

  1. Access the link https://claim.nim.network/

  2. Click Enter

  3. Check Agree and then Click Agree and Enter

  4. Enter the wallet address where AE staked DYM

  5. Click Enter and enjoy the results! Congrats

Link X: https://x.com/nim_network/status/1770812790824993101?s=20

Please note that you should carefully check the official links from X of NIM, avoid clicking on scam links.


Fair distribution, ty NIM


Congrats on the proposal going live for voting!