[Validators] Utilizing Cosmos Validator Watcher for Enhanced Dymension Chain Monitoring

Hi Dymension community members,

This is Matt and Edgar from Kiln, your peers in the node operating space on the Dymension chain.

We’d like to share a tool we’ve been using for better monitoring and managing of our nodes on all Cosmos chains: the Cosmos Validator Watcher: GitHub - kilnfi/cosmos-validator-watcher: Real-time Cosmos-based chains monitoring 28

It’s fully open-sourced under MIT license.

About Cosmos Validator Watcher:

This tool is designed as a Prometheus exporter and brings real-time monitoring of any Cosmos-based blockchains.

Key features include:

  • Block Monitoring: Tracks missed blocks by validators (with an option to ignore blocks missed by a large portion of other validators)
  • Signature Stats: Shows the count of missed signatures per block.
  • Validator Status Updates: Monitors the current validator set, including bonded or jailed status.
  • Staking Data: Reports on total staked amounts and minimum seat prices.
  • Proposal Participation: Tracks validator votes on pending proposals and proposal timelines.
  • Upgrade Notifications: Provides information on upcoming blockchain upgrades and related proposals.

How This Can Help

For operators in our community, this tool is pretty straightforward and can easily help you track your uptime and compare it to the rest of the network. It could also be very useful for tracking your votes on ongoing proposals.

You can use it with your own RPC nodes or public RPC (it’s better to combine both to ensure availability).

Here’s a one-line command example using Polkachu + BlockPi RPC endpoints:

docker run --rm ghcr.io/kilnfi/cosmos-validator-watcher:latest \

--node[ https://dymension-rpc.polkachu.com:443](https://dymension-rpc.polkachu.com/) \

--node[ https://dymension.blockpi.network:443/rpc/v1/public](https://dymension.blockpi.network/rpc/v1/public) \

--validator 897769A9346F5177FF850A6A6AD51A5C60A61E90:kiln \

--denom=dym \


It can monitor multiple validators and connect to multiple nodes. See the README for more details & exposed metrics.

Any feedback on the tool is welcomed.

Support us

If you’re looking for a node to delegate to, consider Kiln (currently not in the active set, but we’ll get there). We’re committed to contributing to the Dymension ecosystem and welcome any support.

Thanks for engaging,