Proposal for Inclusive Airdrop Rules for High-Stake Supporters in the Ecosystem

Dear Dymension Community and Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to address a concern and propose a solution regarding the recently announced airdrop rules.

Background: Dymension chain’s current airdrop rules have set specific criteria for participation, which unfortunately excludes individuals who have staked significant amounts in specific tokens, namely over 5000 ATOM, Celestia, or more than 10,000 Osmosis. While I understand there might be valid reasons for this decision, it has inadvertently affected a segment of dedicated supporters, including myself.

Proposal: To foster a more inclusive and rewarding environment for all supporters, I propose the following adjustment to the airdrop criteria:

  1. Inclusion of High-Stake Supporters: Individuals who have staked more than 5000 ATOM or equivalent in other tokens like Celestia, Tia, or over 10,000 Osmosis, should be included in the airdrop.
  2. Equal Airdrop Allocation: All participants meeting the above-mentioned staking threshold, regardless of the specific token, should receive an equal amount of the airdrop. This ensures fairness and acknowledges the commitment of high-stakes supporters.
  3. Encouraging Increased Staking: This revised rule could also serve as an incentive for community members to increase their staking, thereby strengthening the overall Dymension ecosystem.

Rationale: This proposal aims to recognize and reward the loyalty and support of high-stake holders, ensuring they feel valued and incentivized to continue their contribution to the Dymension chain. It also aligns with the spirit of inclusivity and community engagement that Dymension chain aspires to uphold.

Request for Feedback: I am eager to hear the community’s and the team’s thoughts on this proposal. Your feedback is crucial in refining this idea and ensuring it aligns with the community’s interests and the long-term vision of the Dymension chain.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I am looking forward to a constructive discussion and am open to suggestions or modifications to better suit our collective goals.

Best regards,

The official announcement


thank you so much :melting_face: life goes on


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I Think there is only first drop. I’m sure the next drop will add all this


Thank you for your input.
I want to clarify that the rules do not exclude high stakers of TIA, ATOM, or Osmosis. The criteria are designed to set a minimum DYM token receipt threshold, ensuring fair participation for all.
More so, a significant portion of unclaimed DYM will be distributed to benefit larger stakers of TIA and ATOM, recognizing their contribution.

Appreciate your suggestions.


Very happy to hear that. I misunderstood the announcement then.

Thanks for clarifying my misunderstanding


Perfect execution I think