[RollApp Submission] Introducing ALLiN BETS: The Onchain Verifiable Gaming Infrastructure RollApp

ALLiN BETS is a decentralized GameFi Infrastructure RollApp on Dymension which provides tools for building immersive, next-generation GameFi applications. AIB’s infrastructure enables the utilization of a shared liquidity layer to be accessed by a multitude of gaming applications like casinos, sports betting, and prediction market applications. Games on AIB will allow players to wager in multiple currencies, including $AIB, the native currency of the ecosystem.

Why GameFi?

We recognize the intrinsic appeal and historical significance of gaming and gambling across global cultures. These activities, characterized by their high stakes and thrilling nature, have consistently ranked among the most engaging forms of entertainment. This timeless allure underscores the potential for a platform that seamlessly integrates gaming with financial elements, leveraging its excitement and engagement.

Furthermore, the advent of crypto and smart contract technologies has opened a myriad of possibilities for innovation within digital ecosystems. While various applications have been explored—from finance to art—few have demonstrated the capability to consistently draw and retain a broad audience like gaming. The interactive and often communal aspects of gaming make it uniquely positioned to foster a dedicated user base. By harnessing this potential within a blockchain framework, we aim to create a GameFi environment that not only entertains but also ensures transparency and trust, resonating with users on a global scale.


The team started building AIB over a year ago after identifying various frictions and bottlenecks that prevail in both centralized and decentralized gaming ecosystems. The major pain points of centralized gaming ecosystems are:

  • Lack of composability
  • Inability to participate as LPs
  • Lack of transparency on the fairness of games
  • Vulnerability to manipulation of game results

The pain points in decentralized, on-chain gaming ecosystems are:

  • Lack of depth of liquidity
  • Fragmentation
  • Underwhelming gaming UX
  • High volatility in the value of on-chain assets used in games.

AIB solves these pain points by delivering a gaming infrastructure that is:

  • Provably fair
  • Openly accessible for LPs
  • Seamless UX through account abstraction
  • Improved accessibility through social login and fiat on-ramp integrations

Why build on Dymension?

Dymension gives the ability to customize and configure our dedicated environments without the need to bootstrap the network from the ground up. With AIB RollApp serving as the super-fast execution layer and the Dymension Hub ensuring finality, opting for this combination is an obvious decision. The team is optimistic about IBC architecture, and dymension offers seamless interconnection with other IBC-enabled chains, enhancing network effects. At its core, the team’s primary objectives were customizability and execution speed, making Dymension the optimal choice for deployment.

The AIB Ecosystem

AIB will be deployed on Dymension as a CosmWasm RollApp utilizing one of Celestia or Avail for DA. AIB’s infrastructure will allow for the seamless deployment of multiple games like casinos, sports and e-sports betting apps, prediction markets, and much more. All games built on AIB will have access to a unified liquidity layer giving game builders the liberty to focus purely on the gaming experience.

AIB will be powered by the $AIB token, which will serve as the native token of its ecosystem. $AIB follows a novel mint/burn tokenomics design that allows players to wager in $AIB tokens. For players opting to wager in non-AIB tokens, liquidity pools will be created, allowing open participation to be a counterparty to the players in the ecosystem.


The ALLiN BETS token operates on a mint-and-burn mechanism, utilizing AIB tokens as the in-game currency. When a player wins, new AIB tokens are minted, and when they lose, the AIB token is burnt. In line with typical gaming dynamics where more players tend to lose than win, this results in a higher burn rate compared to the mint rate. Additionally, fees collected by the protocol from every bet placed in casino games, prediction markets, or sportsbooks are also burnt. Consequently, the total supply of AIB tokens will decrease over time due to this continuous burning process.

The initial supply of AIB tokens will be 1,000,000,000. The data below is preliminary and final details will be released later on.


Phase 1: Testnet Launch

  • Initial Game Launch: Roll out a selection of games to kickstart the ecosystem and gather user feedback.
  • On-chain Fairness: Implement on-chain fairness mechanisms to ensure transparency and trust in gaming outcomes.
  • Custom Pool Creation: Introduce custom pool creation features for tailored gaming experiences, catering to user preferences.
  • Payout Contracts: Develop secure payout contracts to facilitate seamless transactions within the ecosystem.

Phase 2: Mainnet Launch

  • Prediction Markets: Launch prediction markets to enable diverse and engaging betting options.
  • ZK-Gaming: Integrate Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology to enhance privacy and scalability in gaming.
  • PvP Gaming: Deploy multi-round player vs player (PvP) gaming for increased engagement and competitive dynamics.
  • Real-World Events Oracle: Implement a real-world events oracle for accurate and reliable data sourcing, enriching the gaming experience.

Phase 3: VR Integrations & AI Gaming

  • VR Technology: Integrate VR technology to provide immersive gaming experiences, enhancing user engagement.
  • AI Algorithms: Implement AI algorithms to optimize gameplay, offer personalized recommendations, and enhance prediction accuracy.
  • UX Improvements: Focus on UX improvements to streamline navigation and ensure seamless interaction with the platform.

Social Media

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First of all, welcome to Dymension. I hope you will be successful. Is it possible for you to provide more information about public sales and investment? I also believe that the share you allocated for airdrop is a little low. I hope you will revise your tokenomics. A good airdrop will also have a positive impact on both you and the DYM price.


I don’t know, i think 10% is a good share for airdrop


I think the share rate for the airdrop seems fair. But it would be better to explain the distribution of the share there. I think it shows the total share allocated for testnet and other support, not just DYM staking.