[RollApp Submission] Introducing GATA HUB RollApp, a Yield HUB on Dymension

GATA HUB is operating in Cosmos since 2022, since past two years we have seamlessly delivered our promises on yield. GATA and Yield NFTs are synonymous in the cosmos ecosystem. Now it’s time to scale up things and form a “yield hub” powered by dymension modularity.

Introduction of GATA RollApp

We at GATA HUB are thrilled to propose the creation of GATA RollApp, a comprehensive Yield Hub within the Dymension ecosystem. GATA RollApp is poised to emerge as a dynamic Yield Hub catering to the diverse interests of NFT enthusiasts, creators, and investors, underpinned by a robust suite of decentralized applications (dApps).

Key focal points of RollApp’s evolution encompass:

  1. NFT Launchpad : A space for emerging NFT projects to Bootstrap their collection, gain exposure, and connect with their communities.
  2. NFT Marketplace : A decentralized marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs across various collections.
  3. NFT Staking : A permissionless staking dApp for any NFT creator to use the dApp to distribute rewards, revenue to their holders. Whitelisted collections will also earn our Native FELIS token.
  4. Yield dApp : Gamified Yield for both FT/NFT.
  5. FT/NFT Perpetuals : Innovative perpetual contracts tied to NFT indices, enabling users to speculate on NFT market trends.

About the Team

GATA HUB has been an active participant in the Cosmos ecosystem since 2022. We run truly community-owned Cosmos Interchain validators, fostering more decentralization on to sub-level and giving utility purpose to NFTs. Thousands of people with millions of assets put their trust in GATA HUB.

GATA HUB also provides public good services like

The GATA team consists of 3 founders and 6 team members. GATA founders have been KYC’d by the ICF foundation and Archway network in the past. GATA was among the top 10 recipients of ATOM foundation delegations from ICF in the last cycle.

Since our inception at Stargaze Genesis mint two years ago, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to community empowerment. To date, we have distributed rewards totaling $110K in yield, along with $50,000 worth of tokens and NFTs through various community activities & events like giveaways, quizzes, sprints and more.

With a treasury worth $150,000 and 13 active validators spanning operations across more than 17 chains, our impact continues to grow. We are excited to continue our journey of fostering community-driven growth and innovation within the Cosmos ecosystem.


GATA aspires to establish itself as the premier destination for yield farmers, particularly focusing on NFT yield opportunities. This vision has been the cornerstone of our endeavors within the GATA ecosystem since 2022.

Through our concerted efforts to cultivate a thriving ecosystem, we anticipate the realization of the following outcomes within the next 4-6 quarters:

  • Empowerment of both FT/NFT yield farmers with the full set of native dApp support.
  • Community-driven rollapp to reward active and involved people at every stage.
  • Launch innovative features like NFT perpetuals to further mature the NFT ecosystem.
  • Gamified yield dApps to keep the excitement going.
  • Grant support for further development on the RollApp.

Implementation Roadmap (next 6 quarters)

This timeline starts post governance proposal acceptance.

Q2 2024: Foundation and Infrastructure

  1. RollApp Incentivized testnet Launch
  2. RollApp Mainnet Launch
  3. Open edition Mint
  4. Staking Dapp Beta
  5. Launchpad

Q2-Q3 2024: NFT Launchpad and Marketplace

  1. Launch of Gamified Yield Hub
  2. Launch of Marketplace
  3. Airdrop

Q4 2024-Q1 2025: Staking and Yield Farming

  1. Launch of NFT Staking Pools
  2. Launch of Yield Farming Pools dApp

Q2 2025-onwards: NFT Perpetuals and Community Governance

Launch of NFT perpetual dApp

Further development of the ecosystem


FELIS is a native token of the GATA yield RollApp

  • FELIS token will serve as the native currency within our RollApp.
  • Max Supply of FELIS will be 972,5 Million token.
  • Genesis Supply of FELIS will be 300 Million
  • Total supply reached in the first 4 years will be 972,5 Million FELIS
  • FELIS will be used as fee token for the RollApp
  • FELIS will also be used as the reward token.


Categories Allocation in Millions Allocation in % Genesis Allocation in Millions Genesis in % Unlocks / Vesting
Community Drop 72.5 7% 72.5 24% Few weeks (unclaimed will be burned)
Ecosystem growth 460 47% 115 38% 4-years
Token Sale 90 9% 60 20% 2-years (6-month cliff)
Community pool(DAO) 170 17% 42.5 14% 4-years (25% each year linear)
Team 110 11% 0 0% 4-years (1 year cliff)
Grants/Bounties 40 4% 10 3% 4-years
Advisors 30 3% 0 0% 2-years (6-month cliff)
Total 972.5 100% 300 100%


GATA RollApp aspires to redefine Yield Farming and create sustainable value for the community. We invite the Dymension community to support this proposal and join us on this exciting journey toward a decentralized future.

How to connect ?

Website: https://gatahub.zone/
Docs: https://docs.gatahub.zone/
Discord: GATA HUB
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GataDaoZone

Let’s build the GATA RollApp together!


your project seems to be something that will improve the future of Dymension NFTs mostly. Lets see how u develop this, im excited :muscle:


Congrats I hope you will win the bull race :love_you_gesture: